Lisa Arch

Uriel (; Hebrew: אוּרִיאֵל "El/God is my light", Standard Hebrew Uriʾel, Tiberian Hebrew ʾÛrîʾēl; Greek: Ουριήλ; Coptic: ⲟⲩⲣⲓⲏⲗ; Italian: Uriele; Geʽez and Amharic: ዑራኤል ʿUraʾēl or ዑርኤል ʿUriʾēl) is one of the archangels of post-exilic rabbinic tradition, and also of certain Christian traditions. In apocryphal, kabbalistic, and occult works, Uriel has been equated (or confused) with Urial, Nuriel, Uryan, Jeremiel, Vretil, Sariel, Suriel, Puruel, Phanuel, Jacob, Azrael, and Raphael.

Lisa Arch (née Kushell; born November 23, 1971) is an American actress and comedian, known for her roles in the 1997–98 season of the FOX Network comedy show, MADtv, as cohost of TBS's Dinner and a Movie from 2002 to 2005, and as the recurring character of Samantha Samuels on Disney Channel's Cory in the House. Arch has also been in movies, such as 2007's Evan Almighty.

Arch was cast on Curb Your Enthusiasm in 2009 as "Cassie", the wife of Larry's "Cousin Andy" played by Richard Kind. She appeared in the Season 7 episode entitled "The Black Swan" and played a new mom who had a side-business where she made colorful, ornate cowboy hats. She also appeared in Season 10 episodes #2 & #3 entitled "Side Sitting" and "Artificial Fruit". In "Fruit" she has a featured role where she asks Larry to draw a doodle for charity, but later on blames him for not putting in enough effort on his artwork.

She has featured on the Comedy Central show Crank Yankers as the voice of "Cammie", an airheaded, bisexual party-girl in her early twenties. She also played the role of Samantha Samuels on the Disney Channel show Cory in the House. She has also had a part in the children's TV program Hannah Montana as a photographer. Arch can be seen on a regular basis at Los Angeles' ACME Comedy Theater and recently hosted a special episode of Reel Comedy about the movie, Bewitched. She also has made numerous guest appearances on television shows, including Reno 911!, Seinfeld, and The X-Files. Also she was in Austin & Ally as Damonica Dixon.

She has an older brother, Bob Kushell, who is a TV writer/producer and Internet talk show host. Her brother worked with her husband in 2009, Russell Arch, as the Co-Creator and Executive Producer of ANYTIME WITH BOB KUSHELL, an internet talkshow for Sony Interactive's

After one season on the show, Arch left MADtv at the conclusion of season three to pursue other career opportunities.

Born Lisa Kushell in Los Angeles, California, she began acting on stage at 15 years old in the sketch comedy troupe Upstage Comedy. Arch has often stated that her parents were extremely supportive of her and they allowed her to hone her skills in their "unfurnished living room" until she graduated from high school. She earned her SAG card with one line as a waitress on Dream On. After her first appearance, she began appearing on such shows as Seinfeld, The X-Files, and For Your Love.

Since Leaving MADtv, Arch has done many guest appearances and voice overs. She has appeared in such commercials as "Mervyn's" and "Southern Comfort."

In 2001, Arch's career got a boost when she replaced Annabelle Gurwitch as the hostess of the TBS cooking and entertainment show, Dinner and a Movie. For two and a half years, she appeared, alongside host Paul Gilmartin and chef Claud Mann, in each episode introducing movies and cracking jokes during the preparation of a creative dinner to go with some theme of the movie.

Arch also flexed her comedy muscles with her celebrity impressions, of public figures like Paula Jones. She also lampooned Hollywood stars like Farrah Fawcett, Demi Moore, Alyson Hannigan, Lori Loughlin and Hope Summers. She has also impersonated singers like Melanie Chisholm (a.k.a. "Sporty Spice"), Alanis Morissette and Fiona Apple.

Arch joined the cast of MADtv in 1997, as a repertory performer, for the third season. She would be promoted to repertory status mid-season. She is remembered for playing characters like social outcast Susan Whitfield and sassy country gal Wanda Terry-Ann Lainier Parker from the Parker Sisters sketches.